HNRY Logistics Makes a Splash in the Pool Supply Market

Carrier’s ‘outstanding’ service and communication make life easier for Aqua-Gon.

Aqua-Gon, Inc., is a company that values uncompromising customer service. In fact, the pool and spa supply distributor was founded in 1965 with one core goal in mind: to create loyal customers by providing extraordinary service. As such, Aqua-Gon has high expectations of any partner with whom they do business, seeking a similar dedication to quick action, open communication and customer care.

Unfortunately, not all partners have measured up to Aqua-Gon’s standards. “I’ve used several freightcarriers and brokers over the years, and open-ended communications have been a problem,”explains Phil Farmakis, branch manager at Aqua-Gon. “I’ve had carriers who don’t pick up when theywere supposed to and others that just arrive with a truckload of product without any notice and expect us to unload their truck immediately—even if we didn’t have the space to do so at the time.”

When Aqua-Gon began working with HNRY Logistics for truckload services, they were pleased to find a far better fit with their customer service philosophy. Services were provided professionally and on time, and transparent communications on the status of shipments and proactive outreach quickly won the shipping providers a fan in Farmakis.

“Working with Joanne and Tiffany has been outstanding,” Farmakis remarks. “The communication is better than any other company I’ve dealt with in the past. I know what is happening with my shipments every step of the way, which makes my business more efficient and prepared for inbound freight. Even when we don’t have any shipments, the team reaches out to us to see how everything is going and if we need anything. This is customer service at its finest!

“Besides the great customer service, the rates have been extremely competitive,” Farmakis continued. “We look forward to doing more business with them soon!”

About Aqua-Gon

Founded in 1965, Aqua-Gon is a wholesale distributor of pool and spa supplies serving the Midwest U.S. The company possesses the knowledgeable employees and commitment to providing extraordinary customer service necessary to add value to every business they serve. For more information, visit

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