HNRY Logistics Makes a ‘Great’ Impact on Shipping Logistics

Central Garden & Pet finds peace of mind through new partnership.

With on-time delivery, open communications and proven performance at the top of the wish list for California-based Central Garden & Pet, the national company set out to find a logistics partner that would satisfy its truckload shipment demands.

“Once a year, we put out bids for transportation partners, looking for companies that can deliver on all our needs and make a great impact on our business,” said Jesse Burnett, who is a program manager in charge of Central Garden & Pet’s partnerships and logistics. “We generally only look at a core base of partners who have proven their worth.”

In the first year, HNRY Logistics won the opportunity to showcase its abilities in a limited capacity and essentially prove that it could be the partner Central Garden & Pet could rely on for its high volume of truckload shipments from coast to coast.

“We’re always a little cautious because so many times we’ve trusted other brokerages to uphold their bid and their promises only to find that they don’t have the lanes to support the amount of work that they said they could,” Burnett said. “Even though we were originally working together on a trial basis, HNRY immediately showcased its professionalism, excellent customer service and the benefits of working with an asset-based company. That’s what ultimately won them the business.”

After a six-month trial, Central Garden & Pet made the decision to work with HNRY as a primary logistics partner, trusting in its ability to deliver on time, while understanding the dynamics of movements and routing guide compliance. Burnett was also pleased to have a true partner that focuses on open and timely communications with updates every step of the way.

“HNRY Logistics has very quickly demonstrated its value to us by showing its ability to consistently operate at a high level of service,” Burnett said. “It has managed our business exceptionally well and I see it being a viable, long-term partner within our truckload program.”

HNRY Logistics is a coast-to-coast logistics broker with a mission to make direct-to-carrier shipping simpler for its customers. As the largest asset-based logistics provider in the U.S., it combines technology and its fleet of thousands of trucks to deliver a distinct advantage to its truckload, LTL direct, residential direct and express direct customers. For more, visit

About Central Garden & Pet

Central Garden & Pet has locations across the U.S. Founded in 1980 as a distribution company, it has acquired brands that serve the garden and pet industries. Currently, it is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution companies of its kind, providing logistics support to its retailers. Products in its portfolio include fertilizer, birdseed, clay pots, glass aquariums, turf grass and more.

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