Barrette Outdoor Living Finds Value in Shipping Partners That Put Service First

Manufacturer’s experience working with Holland leads to partnership with HNRY Logistics.

As a nearly 100-year-old premium manufacturer of fencing, railing and exterior products, Barrette Outdoor Living has developed a well-earned reputation for both high-quality manufacturing and a dedication to “wowing” customers with stellar service. They work closely with major retailers to bring vinyl, aluminum and lattice fencing to porches, pools and yards across North America, and they choose only to work with partners who share their commitment to efficiency and customer service.

Barrette ships to all states from 14 locations across North America, moving 30–35 shipments of lightweight fencing material a day from the company’s Tennessee location. To help keep products moving, Barrette has partnered with Holland to deliver less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments nationwide, finding the logistics company to be a strong service provider during their years of working together. What Barrette lacked, however, was a dependable broker for full truckload service—a growing need as their business continued to grow.

“Holland has always been a solid LTL partner, but we recognized a need for a reliable partner for truckload and flatbed service, as well,” explained Angi Payne, Dispatch Manager, Barrette Outdoor Living. “Mark Flick, our Holland representative, suggested HNRY Logistics—another division of Holland’s parent company (YRC Worldwide) that provides truckload direct service. We figured we would give them a shot out of respect for Holland, and now that we are around 100 shipments into our partnership with HNRY Logistics, I am glad that we did.”

The partnership between Barrette and HNRY Logistics began in May 2019 and quickly became a fruitful relationship. While the outdoor products business is inherently seasonal, Barrette ships their products year-round, and they were pleased to find a shipping partner well prepared to support them at any time of year. Barrette had found in the past that some brokers can’t quickly provide service when demand for trucking is high during the busiest times of the year, but HNRY Logistics made it a priority to provide service wherever and whenever it’s needed.

This latter point was especially important to Barrette, as they had struggled with brokers in the past who did not communicate well, and they were pleased to find that this wouldn’t be a problem with HNRY Logistics. “We have been very pleased with the customer service we have received from HNRY Logistics,” Payne remarked. “They are great communicators, and in the rare occasion there is ever an issue with a shipment, they are extremely proactive, letting us know immediately. They’ve exceeded our service expectations, and their pricing is competitive with asset-based carriers, so why would we leave? We’re looking forward to a continuing partnership with HNRY Logistics.”

About Barrette Outdoor Living

Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL) is the leading North American supplier of exterior home products to the residential market. Barrette currently produces vinyl, aluminum, steel and composite products under a variety of leading brand names through specialty retailers, home centers and lumberyards. BOL is an independent subsidiary of Les Entreprises Barrette and currently employs over 2,000 people. The
company is privately owned and operated by the third generation of the Barrette family. For more information, please visit

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