Alliance of Brands

90 years of history
behind us. And the future of logistics ahead of us.

HNRY Logistics is an asset-light brokerage that makes moving your freight simpler. One of the reasons we’re able to do this so efficiently and reliably is our strategic partnerships.

By combining our technology with the assets in our family of brands, we’re able to offer access to thousands of trucks and North America’s largest and most extensive freight network. We don’t exclusively use our own network, but having it available is a distinct advantage.


Founded in 1929, Holland provides regional coverage for the midwest United States and Canada and has long been recognized for delivering the most next-day service lanes in its territory and annually records one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry. Learn more

New Penn

Founded in 1931, New Penn provides regional coverage for the northeastern United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and remains committed to providing superior next-day, day-definite, and time-definite regional LTL services. Learn more


Founded in 1919, Reddaway provides regional coverage for the western United States and Canada and has built a long-standing industry-leading tradition of next-day and two-day delivery service. Learn more

YRC Freight

YRC Freight merged two industry leading transportation companies (Yellow Transportation founded in 1924 and Roadway founded in 1930) to provide coverage throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Learn more

YRC Reimer, which operates the YRC Freight network in Canada, is a leading Canadian provider of industrial, retail, and commercial transportation services, offering seamless shipping between Canadian and North American borders. Learn more