Engineered Solutions | Retail Pool Distribution

Complex Retail Shipments Are No Match
For Our Customized Distribution Solutions.

What do you get when you combine the power of our carrier network with the strategic distribution capabilities of HNRY Logistics? Retail Pool Distribution: a brand new service that allows us to tailor pool distribution solutions to the supply chain unique needs of each customer. When we combine our strength with our smarts, we make it easy. Find out what our Retail Pool Distribution services can do for you and your business.


  • Creation of efficient distribution center hubs
  • Consolidated customer inventory
  • Comprehensive route optimization process ensuring strategic freight distribution
  • Cost and service improvements
  • Reduced lead times and prioritization of customer supply chains

Our Freight Solutions

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Truckload Direct

When you need a full truck, we’ve got one. Along with the power and flexibility of our full network. And our intermodal experts make every shipment as seamless as possible.

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Intermodal Service

You need a truckload.
We have a load of trucks.

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Residential Direct

An easy way to get larger-than-parcel items from warehouse or store to the customer’s front door.

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LTL Direct

Our strategic partnerships with regional carriers offer a wide range of delivery options.

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Engineered Solutions

Our project managers put together the best plan for the trickiest shipments.

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Contract & Reverse Logistics

Got freight that needs to go the other way? We make recalls and returns safe, reliable and cost effective.

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Express Direct

Truck, flatbed or plane, we’ve got the capacity you need. You tell us when and where, and we take it from there.

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